It is important for children to develop deductive and building skills as these will help them during their school years. There are different theories on how to encourage those sorts of interests, but I have always found that the best way to get kids involved in something is to make it fun.

Do it yourself (DIY) projects are something that many homeowners do regularly in order to get things done and save money. I thought that perhaps there must be some DIY projects that kids could do as well. Here are four I found online that you can try with your own children. Each will help them develop new skills and provide both you and them with some fun diversion. These are especially useful during the summer when kids are home and sitting around with nothing to do.

Mason Jar Animal Snow Globes

A real perennial, snow globes have been around for ages and you can make your own with the kids. All you need is a mason jar, a plastic animal figurine, and a handful of other low-cost materials. See more here.

Ocean in a Bottle

Here is a related project that will appeal to children who love the sea. This is also easily put together and provides them with something they can put beside their bed for those times when they want to think about the ocean.

Simple Wind Chime

Young children love looking at objects that are colorful and make sounds, hence the reason so many parents hang a mobile over their child’s crib. Here is a simple project that will allow you and your kids to make a wind chime for the side of your home.

Egg Carton Art

We used to paint egg cartons when I was a child, but we certainly didn’t come up with anything like this: a really lovely and colorful dragonfly.

Looking for more ideas? Pinterest is a great source.